Are Marvel Movies Ruining The Film Industry?

My answer is No. It is simply not right to accuse Marvel of ruining the film industry when Marvel is the biggest player in the town. Most critics would agree that Marvel movies are mostly good and sometimes great. Avengers: Endgame was a remarkable achievement, with Marvel sticking the landing of 11 years’ worth of movies.

A Marvel movie definitely casts large varieties of people which is important for superhero and blockbuster fans but are only one genre among many of the other types of films people who want to watch it.

It is not ruining the film industry to make films that people want to see. What is ruining, or rather changing the film industry is streaming. Many people would rather sit at home and watch films in streaming sites. Such people won’t go to theatre unless it is to see a spectacle like Marvel movie. Filmmakers interested in making other types of film will increase the need of considering streaming services as their distributors rather than movie theatres.

Big Studios Relying On Sequels And Remakes

However, the problem is that, it is not only the Marvel that troubles movie businesses. The big studios rely so much on promoting their movies with sequels and remakes that everything else gets unnoticed. I am of an age where I grew up with marvel comics. I enjoy watching these movies and the characters in it.

I am not looking for high cinematic arts and socially redeeming qualities, just simple entertainment. Marvel movies have mostly been successful so far. So, it is unfair to blame a mega-budget movie when they are keeping the business going.

In a discussion, one of the user argued that Marvel was rehashing the same movie over and over. They are not original; some plot same but replaced with different characters. Moreover, the user argued this is bad for movies in general. “Making a quality movie with a unique plot, unique characters and a quiet message, why not make a typical movie with a big budget and a group of famous people and still make money.”

Marvel is so dominated with the conversations these days that the people forgot that other series have arguably been “making the same movies” for decades such as James Bond, Spider-Man etc. Another argument against Marvel is that superhero movies used to come along once or twice a year. Now Marvel alone releases almost three movies a year. So, if any company is going to dominate the industry, it might as well be Marvel, which executes a strong vision well.

Musicals in 1960: The Sound of Music

Something similar happened in the 1960s. Musicals had been dying, but a number of them turned into huge hits and Oscar winners, particularly The Sound Of Music. It was so huge that it became the third most successful movie of all time, way ahead of Endgame. Musicals were the superhero movies of their time. Every studio wanted a piece of that.

The problem is that the musical movies are getting bigger but not better. One stiff after another disappointed the audiences. Hence, the musical trend faded away and didn’t come back in fame for decades.

Whether people like them or not, superhero movies are undeniably entertaining and will stay here for the foreseeable future. Film industries are now such huge global corporations that they can face the crisis they couldn’t in the late 60s. There are two legends, Steven Spielberg and George Lucas, who know a little something about “ruining the film industry.” They both have been accused of starting this hunger for blockbuster with Jaws and Star Wars in the mid-70s and they saw this coming six years ago.

“That’s the big danger and there’s eventually going to be an implosion where three or four or maybe half a dozen mega-budget movies are going to crash into the ground which will change the view” Spielberg said.

“We barely got Lincoln and Red Tails into the theatres. You’re talking about Steven Spielberg and George Lucas can’t get their movie into the theatre,” Lucas said.

Marvel at its height had Netflix (soon to be their own streaming service), TV and movies, all of them intertwined. Telling different stories in the same universe. However, they haven’t ruined or hurt the industry.

  • August 22, 2019

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