Which Age Group Person Goes To The Movies Most Often?

Ever wondered who’s actually going to see movies at the theatre? Sitting on your couch and enjoying the exciting original content on streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and more, you’d think young people have no reasons to go to movie theatres than the traditional demographics with more firmly established in the theatrical experience.

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Teenagers and twenty-something’s would never trade a Netflix binge for a trip to the theatre, right? Not right, according to a new PostTrak survey, that found people aged 18-24 make up the biggest age group of moviegoers. Are you surprised? People within that small age range bought a quarter of tickets sold over the last seven years. About half of moviegoers are under 25 and half are over 25, with just 11% belonging to movie fans over 55.

PostTrak Numbers Revealing Age Group 18-24 Are Still Willing To Spend Up To $20 For A Movie Ticket

It looks like the movie-going experience truly belongs to the young! The results from PostTrak, offered encouraging news for studios that the 18 to 24 age group are willing to spend up to $20 for a movie ticket even with their $10 Netflix subscriptions with entertainment choices that allow them to sit conveniently at home.

People who are energetic in their pursuit of entertainment are skeptical in terms of where they want to get their content – “Wherever the good content is, I’ll be there,” said Comscore senior media analyst Paul Dergarabedian.
Last year was a bright spot at the box office after a half decade of steadily declining revenue. Domestic ticket sales in 2018 spiked last year to $11.89 billion, the highest since 2013. For the first half of this year, numbers were down 10% compared to the same period in the year 2017.

Franchises and Adaptations Continues To Bring People In Number To Theatres

Franchises and adaptations continue to be the main driver of consumers to theatres: With a $2.8 million worldwide gross, “Avengers: Endgame” recently beat out Avatar to become the highest-grossing movie of all time. Other top performers were “Captain Marvel” and “Spider- Man: Far From Home” – both franchise installments.

Disney Remains The Giant It Has Become By Reaching $5 Million Mark Before Any Other Studios

A majority of the high earners was produced by Disney in 2018. Following a big weekend for Disney passed the $5 million mark in box office and it’s not even August yet.

The top six movies of the year are all Disney produced, sequels as well. Some big hits so far this year were live-action remakes “The Lion King,” “Toy Story 4” and “Aladdin”. Down at No.17 is Jordan Peele’s “Us”, which impressed with $254 million globally.

The PostTrak also conducts exit polling of movie-goers to rate films on a scale of 1-100 which showed that viewers rate adventure films highest on average, while viewers are growing much fond of the horror movies (“Us,” “It”, “Get Out” and “Hereditary”).

The trend was well illustrated by the first chapter of “It,” released in 2017. It was a movie that generated tons of excitement among the younger movie-goers, they found the characters relatable, and the language they used. It really gave young people something they could really get into. Warner Bros. will release “It: Chapter Two” in theatres nationwide September 4. Chapter is tracking well on expected lines.

Data surveyed from 1.25 million consumers polled by PostTrak for 1,002 films found that 34.4% of viewers said that they regularly stream movies and TV as well. These results show that streaming platforms and cinemas maybe successfully co-exist – it’s not an either-or choice.

Disney which owns 40% of the global box office is planning to launch its enticing Disney+ streaming service. A MCU show on Disney+ could include a piece of content to bring people to the theatres and help increase excitement for the latest release.

This will likely look increase the interconnectivity between theatrical and streaming content for fans when choosing their entertainment. So, do you want to stay at home and watch Netflix or would you rather go and see a movie with friends? Well, this survey is a bit of a sigh of relief for regular movie-goers.

  • August 22, 2019

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